A Message from Cascade Living Group

We know that these times have been uncertain for seniors, caregivers and their families. Through it all, we have been, and continue to be, here for you every step of the way.

Our commitment to living well has stopped at nothing, and we’re proud that our residents and families have trusted us to provide an enriching lifestyle, dedicated support and peace of mind. As we say goodbye to 2021 and usher in 2022, our commitment remains the same – to provide the very best senior living experience possible for our residents and their families.

At the advent of the vaccine, we said, “hugs were coming,” and with all the progress that has been made to combat COVID-19, we enjoy providing them now more than ever. Our communities continue to be full of life and promote the creation of cherished memories for our residents, their families and our associates.

We will remain diligent both now and in the future to make sure that we do everything possible and continue to provide the lifestyle, peace of mind and support that you know, love and trust.

Cascade Living Group


We understand that COVID-19 may have put your plans on hold, but we want you to know we’ve been ahead of this challenge since the beginning. After all, providing a secure place to live is what Cascade communities are designed for.

Our communities have always been exceptionally clean and hygienic, but with COVID-19, we maintain high-level precautionary measures, intensive cleaning, disinfecting protocols and continue screening processes for new residents and staff.

We have and will continue to take great care in following CDC and local health officials’ guidelines and recommendations to maintain the safest communities possible.


We follow state and local guidelines for visitation in our communities. By closely following these guidelines, we’ve mitigated virus spread and lessened the impacts of precautions on families and their loved ones. We know restrictions are difficult, but are necessary to keep everyone safe, and that is our ultimate goal.

New Residents

We are safely accepting new residents. Each new resident undergoes careful screening, testing and a safe transition period into the community when required. During our safe transition period, we will go above and beyond to keep our new residents happy and engaged, catering to them with special attention and care. We strongly encourage every new resident to be vaccinated and to be up to date on available boosters.

Let’s Move Forward. Together.

We will continue to do all in our power to keep residents safe, happy and connected. We will continue to follow CDC and local guidelines and consult with health and wellness experts. We want any path forward to be thoughtful, careful and focused on safety. Ready to get started? We encourage you to find the Cascade Living Group community nearest you and talk to the staff there. We know that, together, you will find a way forward for your loved one and your family that makes everyone feel happy, confident and comforted.

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