Dear Residents and Families of Cascade Living Group:

We wanted to give you an update on COVID-19 across our company.    Please know that we have been keeping residents and families up to date on their specific communities through direct emails and Facebook postings as things develop.  If you have not received a direct email or if we have not posted on your community’s Facebook page regarding COVID-19 tests,  that simply means we have not had any positive cases in your community.   But we thought it important to confirm the measures we have taken across our company, which have been in place for many weeks.

Things we are doing to protect our residents and staff in all Cascade Living Group Communities:

  • Enhanced screening of every staff member, every day, before every shift, which includes physical temperature checks. If a staff member is suspected of being symptomatic or has a positive test, they are being sent  home immediately, asked to self-isolate and contact their healthcare provider.
  • Only Essential Visitors are allowed and then only for essential visits.  Essential visitors will be screened under the same protocol as our staff.
  • Enhance monitoring of all residents for any change of condition as well as COVID-19 symptoms.
    • If a resident is suspected to have COVID-19, they will be sent to the hospital for evaluation and testing if their physician so orders.
    • Depending on health authority guidance and orders, we may conduct our own testing with fully trained personnel.
    • If it becomes necessary to bring a positive resident home from the hospital or keep a resident that is positive, they will be placed in a quarantine area, physical separated from the remainder of the community.
    • Designate staff in full body PPE will attend to resident in a quarantine unit.
    • Positive residents will remain in the quarantine unit until considered to be COVID-19 free.
  • Staff have been retrained on infection control and hygiene.
  • Staff are provided with PPE and will be gloved and masked while attending to residents.
  • Social distancing is in force.
  • Enhanced deep cleaning and disinfecting, including the use of anti-viral foggers.
  • Group activities are strictly limited and then only with social distancing.
  • Common area dining are closed for the time being and all meals are being served in resident apartments with disposable products.

Thank you all for your continued trust in us, and please keep all of our residents and our staff in your thoughts and prayers.

Thomas E. Stanley