Norma was born to Russian immigrants in Cleveland, OH, on February 5, 1927. She was married for 43 years and has 2 children. She spent her life as a creative soul. Norma was a dancer and artist. She settled in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area and spent 70 years making a life there. She taught aerobics at a University level till she was 81 years old!

She has been a Dancer, Choreographer, High School Theater Arts Teacher and Counselor, and a University Professor at Arizona State University. During WWII, she was a USO dancer. Norma spent many years volunteering with the National Spasmatic Dyophonia Association. She was a National Board Member and the founder of the Arizona support group. Traveling the world, Norma has been to France, Japan, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands and Italy. She speaks Spanish.

Needless to say, Norma’s favorite TV show is “Dancing with the Stars!” She loves live theater, ballet, opera and most of all; Broadway productions. She is also a bit of a news hound, following CNN and any news stories. She also never saw an award program that didn’t grab her attention!


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