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The Importance of
Family Connections.

Keeping and strengthening family connections while living in a senior living community can make a big difference in life. While our residents find joy in the engagement and camaraderie they find in our communities, there’s nothing like family. At Cascade Living Group communities, we value strong family connections and do all we can to nurture family engagement, involvement and interaction in our independent living, assisted living and memory care communities.

The Health Impact.

Family connections provide comfort. And like social engagement, family connections are also quite good for your health, too. Whether it’s engaging in a favorite activity or simply spending time together, staying connected with family and loved ones plays a key part in good health and overall well-being. Research indicates those with more frequent interactions and stronger family bonds enjoy:  

Stronger immune systems

Better mental health

More happiness

A healthier brain

Greater optimism

Longer life

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How We Drive Family Connection . . .

To foster family engagement, our communities feature plenty of spaces for families to gather and socialize or celebrate special occasions. From private dining rooms to common areas to chapels to our outdoor living spaces, our communities make it easy to integrate family into everyday community life.

Families are always welcome to join us for meals, activities (on and off campus) and special events. Of course, families are welcome to visit anytime.

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. . . Even When Families Live Far Away.

Not every senior has family close by. But thanks to modern technology, staying connected to family is possible — even when they’re apart. In fact, technology played a crucial role in keeping residents connected to loved ones during the pandemic.

At Cascade Living Group communities, we help residents keep in touch with loved ones via FaceTime, Skype and other virtual face-to-face services that allow people to see and interact with family no matter where they live. If necessary, we’ll also help with emails, texts and social media. And for those who like it old school, calls and handwritten notes will always be great options.

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Senior Living Fosters Friendships, Too.

Life in a senior living community can not only help nurture family connections, but it can also help foster senior living relationship building. For those with no close family members, residents in a senior living community can enjoy the same health benefits that close family connections offer by strengthening current friendships and making new ones.

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Cascade Living Group Caregivers
Just Like Family.

At Cascade Living Group communities, our teams understand how strong family and community engagement builds trust and impacts overall health and well-being. Walk into any of our communities and you’ll see warm, loving interaction (and lots of laughter) between residents and associates — just like family.

Our Health and Safety Promise

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