Relocation: Senior adult moving house

Making the Move to Senior Living.

You’ve planned for senior living, prepared, toured and selected the perfect community. Now it’s time to make the move. Selling a home, moving and downsizing at any age can be hard — but it can be especially emotional when decades have been spent in the beloved family home.

These feelings are normal. We’re here to help make the transition of moving into senior living as easy as possible and ensure your new senior living residence feels just like home.

Plan Ahead.

Unless the home is already small, moving into a senior living community usually starts with some downsizing. We understand the process can be overwhelming. We can help by providing local experts who can make this process easier. Here are some tips on getting started: 

Downsize or declutter
one room at a time

Appraise meaningful valuables

save | donate | sell | discard

Gather important documents

Help family embrace
taking keepsakes

Take your time! Be patient with yourself. It took decades to create your lifetime memories. Don’t try to downsize in a single day. 

Consult the Experts.

A moving manager or senior relocation specialist can help with things like sorting and decision-making, packing, moving, developing garage or estate sale strategies, and even unpacking boxes and arranging the new home. We can help you find a specialist in your area. Simply contact the community nearest you. In the meantime:  

CLG - Making the Move - Image 1

Make Lists

Start a separate notebook just for the move.

Making the Move_Get Estimates@2x

Get Estimates

Find and get estimates from at least two moving companies. 

CLG - Making the Move - Image 3

Review Floor Plans

Ask for a floor plan so you know how much space you have.

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Determine Furniture Placement

Make a preliminary plan of where you’ll place furniture.

Let the Packing Begin!

It’s time to get packing for the lifestyle you’ve chosen (and will love). Most importantly: Consult with professionals (we can help) and welcome others to help with packing! To help determine what to bring to your new space, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list to make moving to a senior living community a little easier!

A Smooth Move on Move-In Day.

Be sure you have completed all the move-in forms, have all the documents you will need and understand the process and protocols for the community you have chosen. The team at the community will help every step of the way. Some practical advice: 

For Yourself:

  • Make sure you know the community’s move-in procedures. 
  • Get plenty of sleep the night before. 
  • Wear comfortable clothing the day of the move. 
  • Pack and secure your important documents and valuables. 

For loved ones:

  • Do what you can to prepare the new apartment before moving day. 
  • Clear your schedule and make moving day all about your loved one. 
  • Keep in mind that moving can be emotional. Pack your patience and be kind.  
  • Help with unpacking and setting up. 
  • To ease nerves, stay for lunch and/or dinner. 
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Settling In.

While the engaging lifestyle offered at Cascade Living Group communities was likely a major factor in your decision to join our family, you don’t have to participate in everything from the moment you move in (unless you want to)! It’s important to set your own pace. Ease in, get to know neighbors and know that our team is ready to help you adjust in every way, so you’ll soon feel comfortable at home.

Managing Caregiver Guilt.

Difficult emotions can sometimes emerge after moving a loved one to an assisted living or memory care community. Some experience a feeling of guilt after having an enjoyable experience. Others feel depressed or anxious. It’s important to accept that these feelings are normal and to do what you can do to overcome difficult feelings and emotions. We suggest: 

  • Be open with yourself and others about how you feel. 
  • Allow yourself time — difficult feelings will lessen and pass with time. 
  • Try not to do everything at once right after the move. 
  • Do one fun thing for yourself every day. 
  • Plan for frequent visits with your loved one.
  • Develop good relationships with the community staff. 
  • Talk with a friend, counselor or spiritual leader. 
  • Connect with other caregivers, family members and friends. 
  • Remember that most seniors experience an enhanced quality of life upon moving. 

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