Life-Enrichment Programs at Cascade Living Group Communities.

Life-enrichment programs at Cascade Living Group communities focus on bringing purpose, meaning and joy to our residents wherever they may be in their senior living journeys — independent living, assisted living or memory care. Every program is designed to keep residents healthy by supporting their physical, social, emotional, spiritual and cognitive well-being.

Life Enrichment for Healthy Living.

Our programs and life-enrichment activities for seniors foster personal growth and inspire creativity to ensure residents stay engaged and active in the vibrant lifestyle Cascade Living Group communities offer. While life enrichment is all about enhancing life, there are also a variety of therapeutic benefits.

  • Boosts brain health — stimulating the mind helps preserve memory 
  • Strengthens social connections, which can reduce stress, anxiety and depression 
  • Promotes physical activity known to lower the risk of a variety of health concerns 
  • Enhances quality of life by fostering a sense of purpose — and belonging 
  • Brings fun, fulfillment and laughter to every day 

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Love Cookies,
Not Cookie-Cutter.

All Cascade Living Group communities are as unique as the interesting folks who live in them. We don’t believe in developing one-size-fits-all cookie-cutter life-enrichment programs for seniors that are implemented in each community. Instead, we leave it up to our individual community teams to create life-enrichment programs that reflect the residents’ interests and passions. Our goal is to engage residents in ways that are individually meaningful.

Memory Care Enrichment

To meet the special needs of residents living with dementia, our Mosaic Memory Care Program includes senior enrichment programs like art, music, cooking, technology, exercise and aromatherapy.

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A Glimpse of Life Enrichment at Cascade Living Group.

Maybe you enjoy life-enrichment classes like a computer class or learning a foreign language. Maybe it’s a cultural program like an art or music class. Or maybe it’s strictly fun social programs like a gardening class, movie night, happy hour or a game of bridge. Maybe it’s a walking club to stay fit.

Whatever brings you pleasure, our life-enrichment teams make sure a variety of inspiring programs and senior living activities that meet individual interests and abilities are offered.

Home Might Be Closer Than You Think.

Fresh spaces, intimate settings, and spacious apartments are just the beginning. Discover the communities in your area that are ready to welcome you home.

Selecting the Perfect Community.

There are more senior lifestyle choices today than ever before. When choosing the retirement lifestyle that’s best, there are many factors to consider, including present and future needs, personal preferences and the financial situation. In searching, consider:

  • The history, reputation and financial stability of the community
  • The type of living accommodations offered
  • The scope of services offered
  • The types of amenities available, including health services

Cascade Living Group has a Cost Comparison Worksheet, Community Tour Checklist, and Services & Amenities Checklist to help determine what works best for your family.

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Talk – And Share.

Have a conversation with loved ones about how to handle things in the event of a life-changing emergency. Is there a living will or power of attorney in place to ensure wishes are honored? Write down plans and preferences so there is no confusion when the time comes to execute them.

When the family understands what is wanted in terms of care, the stress of someone else making those decisions is removed.

Our Health and Safety Promise

Protecting our residents and team is a priority. Here’s how we do it.

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