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Talking About Senior Living with Loved Ones.

If you are noticing changes in an aging parent or loved one and feel they could benefit from more care than is possible at home, a senior living community can bring new opportunities and more vibrancy into their life.
Having a conversation is an important first step.

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When the Time Arrives.

How to talk with parents about senior living? There’s no right or wrong way. We know it’s hard, but there are ways to make it easier. First, be prepared for discussions like these. Be ready to answer questions. Be sure family is involved. Stay positive and consider their thoughts, feelings and concerns. Talking about a possible (or perceived) loss of independence may get difficult. Be open and honest. Be empathetic. Last, but not least, be easy on yourself.

We can help you begin the conversation. Download our “Starting the Conversation” tip sheet for more information.

Create Your Plan.

We Can Help.

At Cascade Living Group, we’ve helped countless families understand the benefits of senior living. If you are still unsure of the best way to start or navigate the conversation, our local community teams can help you determine what to discuss with your older parents and loved ones.

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