Respite Care, Defined.

Respite care — or short-term stays — are designed for those caring for aging loved ones who may be going on vacation or who may simply need a respite from caregiving to refresh and rejuvenate. Respite stays are also an option for anyone who could benefit from more recovery time after surgery or other medical procedures.

The Benefits of Respite Care.

For caregivers, respite stays can prevent exhaustion and caregiver burnout. They benefit loved ones by providing them with variety, stimulation and a welcome change of routine. 

For Caregivers

  • Rest and Relaxation 
  • Renewed Energy 
  • Opportunities for Socializing 
  • Travel and Time Away 

For Loved Ones

  • Care in a Nurturing Environment 
  • Access to Activities and Events 
  • Socialization 
  • A Taste of Community Life 

Try the Lifestyle Before Committing.

Whether it’s in an assisted living or memory care community, or a skilled nursing/rehabilitation center, short-term respite care provides a great opportunity to try the lifestyle offered at the community before making a full-time commitment. Respite care guests can sample all the services and amenities available to residents, and many find themselves so pleased with their stay that they become full-time residents.

Asked. Answered.

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