For Myself Hero

Life. Your way.

Measure your age not in years, but in passions and dreams…

This is the time of life to transform daily worries and responsibilities into daily opportunities to achieve new goals — and to define what living well means to you.

What brings inspiration and joy to life?

In considering what you want (and need) to live life your way, does the future include:

More time with
family and friends?

Being part of
a close-knit community?

Feeling safe and secure,
no matter where you go?

No stress over
home maintenance?

Help you can rely on,
when and where you need it?

The freedom to
pursue what you love?

If it does, it’s all yours for the taking at our collection of senior living communities.

“When Alice and I moved in, it was not out of necessity, but a decision to downsize and have less work. Because housekeeping, lawn maintenance and meals are included, we have the freedom to do only what we want!”

— Dale and Alice Cook, Residents, Parkland Village Retirement Community

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Find the senior living option that’s right for you.

Senior living with us includes an abundance of services, amenities, programs and entertainment personalized to you. What lifestyle is right for you? 

Living well has nothing to do with age
and everything to do with you.


There is value in living well.

Meals, check. Social life, check. Maintenance, housekeeping, check, check. Factor in everything covered in senior living to see why it’s a cost-effective option.

Before “social media,” there was just
“being sociable.”

Foster old friendships, deepen family ties and forge meaningful new relationships. Our senior living culture provides countless daily opportunities for social engagement — and fun.

Three steps to making the move.

Frequently asked questions about senior living.

A new home might be a click away.

In the neighborhood, around the corner, or a short drive down the road — you don’t have to look far to feel great about the future.

Our Health and Safety Promise

Protecting our residents and team is a priority.
Here’s how we do it.

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