Dear Residents and Families of Cascade Living Group:

We wanted to give you an update on our second round of testing at Regency Park in Portland, Oregon.   First, just a quick retrospective:  As you know we have had 10 residents and 6 staff members test positive for COVID-19 in the last 10 days of March.   Of the ten residents, three have returned to Regency Park after weeks of hospitalization and are deemed COVID-19 free after two negative tests.   Five residents are in our designated quarantine unit and being attended to by designated staff wearing full body PPE.  One resident is scheduled to return to Regency Park tomorrow from the hospital.  The resident is symptom free, but unfortunately is still testing positive and will be placed in our quarantine unit the resident receives two negative results.  And of course we continue to mourn the loss of one of our beloved residents to this disease.

Of the six staff members that tested positive,  two have recently had back to back negative tests and are considered COVID-19 free.    One is awaiting a second negative result.   Two staff members are still exhibiting symptoms   Unless and until the staff members are symptom free and have two consecutive negative tests, they will not resume their duties at Regency Park.

The good news is that after the initial positive tests among residents and staff in late March, our second round of testing has shown NO NEW positive results.   We remain on high alert and will update you as the data comes in.

As always, please keep all of our residents and our staff in your thoughts and prayers.

Thomas E. Stanley