Dear  Residents and Families of Cascade Living Group:

We wanted to update you on our COVID-19 testing and the latest results at Regency Park in Portland, OR.   We have completed resident and staff testing at Regency Park and all test results are in.

Unfortunately, we have a few more positive tests.   As of this writing we have 10 residents that have tested positive.  Of that number, one tragically passed as you know, four remain in a hospital and five are under strict quarantine protocols at  Regency Park in a designated quarantine area and being attended to by designated staff with full PPE, which includes masks, gloves, clothing protection and eye protection.  In a piece of very good news, one of our first positive residents that has been hospitalized for two weeks has had two negative tests and is considered COVID-19 free.   The resident will be coming home to Regency Park from the hospital in the near future.

Six staff members have now tested positive.  All staff that tested positive and/or showed symptoms for COVID-19 have been directed to either not come in, or return home for isolation and contact their healthcare provider if they already started their shift before the positive test result was received or they became symptomatic.

We all know that COVID-19 strikes hardest against seniors, particularly those with compromised respiratory systems or other serious health issues.    With the volume of testing we conducted, it was likely that we would get more positive test results.  There is some good news however.  One positive test is too many, but we now have a better understanding of the level of pervasiveness of COVID-19 at Regency Park.  This valuable information will help us continue this fight more effectively.

Finally, as you may know, false negative test results are occurring and the CDC recommends a second test to conclusively show a true negative result.   We are procuring additional test kits to proceed with a second round of testing on the residents and staff that were negative in our latest results.  We were able to commence some second round testing from the kits we had on hand.

Thank you for your patience and understanding and as always please keep all or our residents and staff in your thoughts and prayers.

Thomas E. Stanley