A Message from Our Chief Wellness Officer

Debbie Walker

February 18, 2022

We are pleased that you have visited our website and are interested in knowing more about our efforts towards keeping our residents, associates and all our families safe.  Together we have come so far since the beginning of the pandemic, and we are grateful for the ongoing commitment from our associates to support our residents, families, and surrounding communities.  We continue to learn so much from our medical experts, our experiences and from each other.

From our experience we now have the tools we need to keep our residents, associates, and our families’ members as safe as possible while supporting a home like environment, and have resources available to help adjust as needed when there are new concerns and changes. The knowledge we have gained applies to other concerns beyond COVID-19.   We continue to adhere to the core principles of infection control, testing and visitation guidelines, and have implemented the vaccination requirements for associates and volunteers per CDC and state health guidelines. We also have developed care practices specific to each of our communities based on the knowledge we have gleaned over the last 20 months or more.  These practices have proved to be successful.

Finally what we have learned from each other has been truly rewarding.  We know that our commitment to caring for our precious residents is meaningful and valued.  We know that working alongside dedicated and committed team members is an opportunity to be treasured.  We also know that being in health care, particularly senior housing is a privilege.  What we have come through together has made us stronger, safer and even more determined to continue on for those we care for, work with and love. We hope you will come visit us at a Cascade Living Group Community soon!

Warm Regards,

Debbie Walker, BSN, RN LNCC
Chief Wellness Officer
Cascade Living Group

Keeping You Up to Date
on How We’re Helping Others Live Well

Vaccine and Booster Updates

Preventing the spread of COVID-19 has become such a large part of our daily lives. Through it all, our commitment has stopped at nothing, and we remain vigilant in ensuring our residents are safe while living well. 

With that said, Cascade Living Group is proud to announce that all associates team members and visitors are required to be vaccinated except those who have qualified for a regulated exemption. 

“For several months, we have been engaged with an invisible enemy. Our teams have been on the front lines of a very important battle for the well-being of all our residents, our associates and their families. Like so many, we are pleased that a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine is available,” says Debbie Walker, BSN, RN, LNCC, Chief Wellness Officer. “We’re especially pleased because it has created a safe haven of sorts for residents and families. This will ensure they feel safer, more secure and continue living a life they truly love in the place they love to call home.”

By having plans in place at each of our communities, we are able to continue to protect our residents through the use of proper PPE like masks and shields and provide opportunities for them to receive the latest boosters. 

We will remain vigilant in keeping our communities safe with continued use of PPE, updated resident safety protocols, safety standards and, when required, new-resident safe transition periods. We will continue to work with the CDC and local health agencies to reinforce their infection control and safety practices.

US Department of Health and Human Resources (HHS)

US Food & Drug Administration

Vaccine Distributers

COVID-19 Vaccination Distribution Plan by State