Dining for Seniors: Living Well, One Bite at a Time

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Food and dining are more than just sustenance – it’s family tradition, where you store certain memories, and what ties us to different cultures and experiences. It’s easy to converse about your favorite foods or dining experiences. At a senior living community, a positive dining experience is a key component of a high quality of life.

According to Maureen Boyle, Director of Food and Dining for Cascade Living Group, “Good food paired with good company is a major key to health. And at Cascade Living Group, we are living well, one bite at a time!” In this blog, we’ll discuss the importance of a personalized and dynamic dining experience for seniors and how Cascade Living Group communities make dining fun, engaging, delicious, and nutritious for all residents.

A Focus on Nutrition and Health

Senior living dining has several important requirements. Of course, taste is paramount. But nutritional value and health benefits are also key components of a dining program. After all, we are focused on helping aging adults thrive and empowering them to define and live their best lives – and that includes the nutritious cuisine they enjoy.

The US Department of Health and Human Services confirms that “Good nutrition across the lifespan helps prevent chronic disease – and we know that it’s never too late to make improvements to support healthy aging.” For older adults, consuming enough protein is critical for helping prevent the loss of lean muscle mass. At Cascade communities, our chefs incorporate meats, poultry, and eggs into all menus, as well as other sources of protein such as seafood, dairy beans, and lentils.

Other areas of focus include having a variety of menu options to ensure sufficient absorption of vitamins and minerals from diverse sources and providing plenty of refreshing beverages to stay hydrated.

Keeping Cuisine Seasonal

At Cascade Communities, our award-winning culinary teams keep menus seasonal and ever-changing. Focusing on in-season fruits and vegetables, dishes are guided by traditional fare, innovative new ingredients, and a farm-to-table sensibility. The emphasis on seasonality and memories is of utmost importance to Maureen, who shares, “We make seasonal adjustments to our menus to ensure the freshest ingredients are offered and to accommodate the natural seasonal changes in our eating patterns.”

Maureen’s passion for food shines through in her feelings about seasonal menus. “Right now, I’m excited for savory foods of the Autumn Harvest season,” she shares, “The football tailgates with smoked sausage and burgers and the comfort foods we grew up with, perhaps a hearty stew, squash risotto or a special apple tart or pumpkin pie from our childhood.”

“And let’s not forget those Toll House cookies!” Maureen emphasizes, “Autumn foods have spices that offer such unique aromas and conjure up many memories. Not just the memory of the food itself but memories of the people and conversation surrounding us when we ate it. I know I am back in my childhood kitchen making Thanksgiving pies with my mother the minute I smell cinnamon. And what a wonderful memory; that smell of cinnamon alone warms my soul!”

The Benefits of Socialization

“We can safely say that few if any of us, eat as well alone as we do when dining with others,” shares Maureen, “Sure, room service is great on occasion, but socialization when dining has been shown to improve appetite and mood and encourage more healthy food choices and lifestyle.”

The benefits of a social environment for seniors cannot be understated. At Cascade Communities, we’re always finding ways to connect residents in meaningful ways, and that includes while dining. Residents love meeting new people and building friendships in our dining venues.

At Cascade Living Group, we ensure that our dining rooms are inviting and welcoming. Friends and family are always invited to join residents – we love having visitors! Our care associates also enjoy getting a chance to sit and share a meal with residents, so you never know who might be dining with you each day. 

Customized Dining Options

Customizable dining options that cater to individual dietary preferences, allergies, and restrictions are part of what makes our dining program so unique. We also honor cultural preferences and family recipes that residents share with us.

“At Cascade Living Group, our food and dining departments meet with residents to customize our menu to incorporate resident favorites at each community, including producing items directly from your personal recipe book that you may want to share,” emphasizes Maureen.

We know the importance of offering familiar, well-loved foods that evoke memories and provide comfort. We also know the importance of a predictable dining schedule. For residents in Memory Care, we know that consistency and routine of regular mealtimes can have a positive impact.

A unique amenity at Cascade Communities is our EverDine program, which offers exclusive à la carte menus that are available every day in every community. EverDine not only offers choice in what you eat but also when and where you eat within our communities, giving residents freedom to choose.

“So, come on in! Our dining room aromas conjure up those long-forgotten food-related memories and create new ones with new friends while boosting your mood,” Maureen proclaims, “We’re confident your dining experience will be filled to the brim with joy!”

Cascade Living Group: Where Dining is Delightful

If you’re searching for a senior living community for yourself or a loved one, we invite you to find a Cascade Living Group community near you and contact us to schedule a personalized tour. And while you’re there, enjoy lunch with us and get a feel for our welcoming dining venues.