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    Caregiver’s Corner| September 18, 2023

    Is it time for senior living for a loved one? If so, you may be overwhelmed by the array of choices available. It’s important to know, however, that not all senior care options are created equal. In fact, the differences may astound you. If you need to know what to look for in assisted living, how to compare assisted living facilities,…

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    Caregiver’s Corner| July 1, 2023

    The decision about whether to move to senior living can bring up dozens of questions and comparisons. Independent living vs. assisted living, retirement homes vs. nursing homes, nursing homes vs. residential care facilities. With all the options for senior care that are available, what is the right choice? The answer is, it depends on the level of…

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    Caregiver’s Corner| May 2, 2023

    As we age, we inevitably start to think more about the future and where and how we want to live. Understandably, many seniors say they want to remain at home. But is that really the best choice? For some, yes. But many seniors – and their families – say moving to a senior living community was the best…