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  • Advanced user. Cheerful senior woman sitting in an armchair and smiling at the camera while surfing the Internet on her phone
    Health, Safety and Wellness| May 3, 2023

    While making the decision to move your parent(s) into a senior living community may be one of the toughest decisions a family member can make, the good news is that most seniors find their quality of life greatly improves upon moving into an assisted living…

  • A group of senior citizens enjoying a luncheon together in a retirement home
    Health, Safety and Wellness| May 3, 2023

    With age comes wisdom. But age can sometimes bring health, mobility and physical issues that can impact the ability of older adults to live independently. If that happens – especially for those living alone – home may no longer be a safe or healthy option. Fortunately, many senior living options can …

  • Young healthcare worker talking to seniors during lunch at nursing home.
    Health, Safety and Wellness| May 2, 2023

    What Is Assisted Living? Assisted living communities offer seniors supportive personal care services in a residential setting. Residents who live in assisted living reside in private or shared apartment homes. Apartments are within communities offering…